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“2022 Felix Roper Memorial Golf Cup Report




Following the tragic passing of Felix Roper (Isis CC) recently, the Golf Trophy was rebranded in his memory and up for grabs for the first time in the fall of 2022. Felix may not have been a regular on the cricket pitch, but he certainly was a familiar face on the links and also a present at the previous two tournaments between these teams. He will be sorely missed.





‘I. Van de Veld’






Part I – Course, Format and Particulars



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Isis CC 




Hadden Hill Golf Club, Didcot. 6,109 yards (yellow tees), Par 71 parkland course.





Saturday 22 October (first tee @ 11:00).






A sunny start to usher in a cloudy but dry day on the most.


Tournament Format


The format is matchplay (lowest score wins the hole). A trophy point is awarded to the winner (most holes won) or a half-point is awarded to both sides in the event of a tied score (all square).





The Tournament will be decided out of 12 trophy points. In the event of a tie - trophy points (6 all) then FFTMCC retain the (rebranded) Trophy. Otherwise, first to 7 or more trophy points is the winner.





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Part II – The Day


With players from both teams dropping in and out of the eventual line-ups, teams were settled on the day as thus, with the unregulated handicaps in brackets. Mr Whiter then introduced a few rulings on certain holes to benefit the more handicapped to make them less of a handicap, or something like that….



The Protagonists



Isis CC (Hosts)


Far from the MCC



Julian Francis (28)

Jon Ponsford (28)

Keith Ponsford (28)

Rich Stephenson (28)

Alf Symons (32)

Damian Todd (28)

Joe Walter (32)

Keith Whiter (24)  (c)




Geoff Carter (28)

James Hoskins (28)

Jake Hotson (Spectator)

Ian Howarth (28)  (c)

Paddy Mellor (28)

Chris Roberts (28)

Thornton Smith (28)

Gary Timms (28)

Russ Turner (28)

Chris Williams (28





For all the finer details of the day read the blurb below (v268.05):






Part III – Captain’s Report


Despite recent days being given over to biblical deluges and high winds, Saturday revealed itself to be bright and sunny in Didcot and ideal conditions for slapping a ball into hedgerows and losing a good few more amongst a surfeit of autumnal leaves. This artform The MAD proved far more successful at than their hosts and therefore got stuffed in the front 9 pairings by 3.5 trophy points to 0.5 (please see Part IV for details below).



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Paddy considers shooting himself in the eye.



Undeterred, The MAD started better on the back 9, with Williams and a combo of Bob & Howarth managing to secure trophy points in the first two singles (Bob’s 10-foot putt a thing of beauty at the last … just ask Mr Whiter). Alas, that was as good as it got, and despite the team thinking it was Geoff’s fault for losing in the finale, it was nothing of the sort and only crap maths on behalf of The MAD for thinking otherwise (no, Russ was not scoring). Timms throwing a 3 shot lead away with 3 to play seemed to sum it all up to be honest (that was Geoff’s fault somehow….)


Thus, it was the better team lost. Scores on the doors at the conclusion were Isis CC 8.5 to the FFTMCC’s 3.5. Isis won!



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Bob hits a ball at the last without arms or a club….




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Howarth somehow oblivious to the three hundred trees directly in front of his drive….





Part IV – Final Results






Isis CC  8.5 v 3.5  Far from the MCC



Nearest to the Pin





Longest Drive



Keith Whiter  (Isis CC)



Please Note: one amusing statistic from the day was that of the ‘Nearest to the Pin’ competition. In total, sixteen players managed to miss the green on hole 9, and then seventeen players managed to miss the green on the follow-up hole of 17. Hopeless. Truly hopeless. The small trophy was therefore kept by Mr Ponsford and will be recycled for the following year (or the next competition between the teams). At least it makes the day cheaper (eh, Mike?)



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Beer-stained notes from the day above…. Also, love the misspelling of Geoff’ surname! Haha.




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A smug Mr Whiter enjoying both winning the Felix Roper Trophy and longest drive.





Part V – Summation


A thank you to both Keith Ponsford and Whiter for organising the course and the day. The weather was of course a winner, sandwiched as it was between severe Oxford flooding, as were the Isis CC who were … well, better than the FFTMCC at both maths and golf. They can loan the Felix’s Trophy for a short while.



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To the next time!