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The Far from the MCC are a friendly, centrally based Oxford cricket team who have been in existence since before computers died at the turn of the millennium. Starting out as a pub team back in 1998, they have morphed with the times into the internationally recognised cricketing juggernaut they are today.


Nomadic in essence, The MAD contest midweek and weekend cricket throughout the summer. Happy to travel, the team are equally happy to host on university or college pitches against like-minded opposition. The club have always placed as much emphasis on camaraderie and a post-match beer as the result itself – although winning is obviously the preferable outcome. Teams or potential players wishing to contact the club should do so via the Info page.







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Matt Bullock…  (writing, book, extreme statistics, history & photography)

James Hoskins…  (writing, book, computers, fantasy, pizzas & photography)

Jake Hotson…  (writing, advanced algorithmic binary, computers & photography)

Ian Howarth…  (writing, book, computers & photography)

Antony Mann…  (writing par excellence, book, observations & history)

Gary Timms…  (writing, mobile technology)

Mike Reeves…  (writing, extreme maths, book & fiscal studies)

Jan Webster…  (abstract visionary, book & abstract writing)




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“It’s a funny kind of month, October.

For the really keen cricket fan it’s when you realise that your wife left you in May.”


- Denis Norden









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