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Exhibition of Batting Incompetence

Seasons 2024 Onwards….






An online page totally devoted to the exhibition, celebration and educational interpretation of classical batting incompetence, as performed and executed by members of the Far from the MCC. Please note there have been countless other examples since the team’s inception back in 1998, but alas a camera wasn’t present to record the event(s).


Many thanks to all the photographic contributions over the years, in particular James Hoskins, who set the benchmark in the middle noughties by mortgaging his house for a zoom lens and hifalutin Nikon. Other luminaires would be Chairman Bullock (one remembers the early Minehead Tours) and of course Mr Howarth, whose investment in a Canon reaped dividends in lieu of his dwindling time out in the middle. Lest we forget Mr Hotson’s analogue work at Garsington and Mr Williams’ modern day claims to be sports photographer of high repute.


All art pieces therein are named and displayed in chronological order, which leaves us to say…. Enjoy!







The Grubber

- R. J. B. Hadfield, Wantage v Wantage & Grove CC. 2024



A group of men playing cricket

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After finally getting to grips with the art of batting after a lengthy winter recess, Mr Hadfield duly forgets about the ball that bounces about bootlace high most Sundays. Oops….




The Flatliner

- C. T. J. Williams, Queens College v Isis CC. 2024



A group of people playing cricket

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In this example of unbridled joy after lengthy breaks for rain, squalls and drizzle, Mr Williams gets a ball that bounces about 5 millimetres off the ground, kisses the inside of the bat and tickles the timber. A magical day out.




The Ball Without a Bell

- G. Carter, Cassington v Ferring CC. 2024



A group of people watching a cricket match

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These days, Geoff required all cricket balls to have a bell in them, otherwise he has absolutely zero chance of putting bat on, erm… ball. In the example….   oh